Counter Narcotics

Counter Narcotics

With drug cartels trying to avoid detection by using fast boats or semi-submersible stealthy vessels, the job of coast guard and border security agencies to find and apprehend them is increasingly difficult. ViDAR changes the game by dramatically increasing the detection area of airborne search assets by over 80 times.

In an exhaustive evaluation by the US Coast Guard, ViDAR exceeded detection performance in every category they set including a 40-foot fast boat at 17.7NM. In subsequent Coast Guard operations, ViDAR has been successfully used in record drug interdictions, with an estimated $6.1 billion worth of narcotics seized in 2017.

Core Capabilities

ViDAR provides 300x greater ocean search coverage compared with existing EO/IR systems

ViDAR is a low size, weight and power system with easy integration options for different aircraft types

ViDAR has been extensively evaluated in a wide range of sea states

ViDAR continuously scans the ocean in front of the aircraft and autonomously detects all objects on the ocean surface

ViDAR is providing primary search capability to enforcement operations on multiple continents.