Fisheries Enforcement

Fisheries Enforcement

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a major problem for managing fish stocks and their impact on the environment with the UN estimating that IUU accounts for more than 30% of all worldwide fishing activity.

ViDAR makes the task of searching for illegal fishing vessels or fishing buoys on the surface of the water much easier. In a range of evaluations around the world, ViDAR has demonstrated its ability to automatically find fishing boats at ranges from 17 to 25 nautical miles and also to detect fishing buoys at 1.7 nautical miles.

Core Capabilities

ViDAR provides over 300x greater ocean search coverage compared with existing EO/IR systems

ViDAR is a low size, weight and power system with easy integration options for different aircraft types

ViDAR has been extensively evaluated in a wide range of sea states

ViDAR continuously scans the ocean in front of the aircraft and autonomously detects all objects on the ocean surface

ViDAR is providing primary search capability to enforcement operations on multiple continents