Force Protection

Force Protection

The threat to naval ships from fast inbound attack craft (FIAC) is of high concern for commanders these days. FIAC’s can take many forms ranging from jet skis to fast boats but in all cases they are agile and stealthy whilst having potential to carry sufficient weaponry to inflict significant damage if not detected in time. Radar and other existing detection approaches are limited in their ability to detect these threats.

ViDAR makes the task of detecting FIAC's much easier. In a range of evaluations around the world, ViDAR has demonstrated its ability to automatically find small boats and fast boats at ranges from 3 to 17 nautical miles providing naval commanders with significantly greater time to prepare and respond to these threats.

Core Capabilities

ViDAR provides over 300x greater ocean search coverage compared with existing EO/IR systems

ViDAR is a low size, weight and power system with easy integration options for different aircraft types

ViDAR has been extensively evaluated in a wide range of sea states

ViDAR continuously scans the ocean in front of the aircraft and autonomously detects all objects on the ocean surface

ViDAR is providing primary search capability to enforcement operations on multiple continents.