Kestrel is a software solution that automatically detects objects in electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) video over land and maritime environments. Kestrel is at TRL9 and proven in theatre with over 3,500 systems deployed by agencies and forces on 6 continents on a wide range of crewed, uncrewed, fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Kestrel easily integrates with ISR systems and is available with many current mission systems, sensors, ground control stations and remote video terminals.


Automatically detecting small moving objects such as vehicles and people or objects on the ocean surface such as small boats and rubber rafts

Visible history over land of object movement and predicted future path

Providing dedicated modes optimised for search and rescue and maritime surveillance

Detect objects down to a few pixels enabling increased surveillance coverage

Enabling extraction of object data including location, size and speed for real-time and forensic operation.