Sentient launches Kestrel Maritime ViDAR, automated EO/IR wide area maritime detection capability at IDEX 2015

Published on: February 2015

20 February 2015

Kestrel Maritime ViDAR delivers the latest in full motion video detection technology, at 20-80 times the coverage of existing EO/IR airborne detection solutions

Melbourne, Australia– 20 February 2015 – Sentient today announced, the extension of their pioneering Kestrel portfolio, with the launch of Kestrel Maritime ViDAR. Kestrel Maritime ViDAR stands alongside Sentient’s leading solutions, Kestrel Land MTI, Kestrel Maritime and Panoptes to provide a complete range of detection solutions for use in military, border protection and maritime patrol applications. Sentient will showcase Kestrel Maritime ViDAR for the first time, at the International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) starting February 22.

Kestrel Maritime ViDAR Automatically Detects all types of targets of interest in real time

Kestrel Maritime ViDAR, is a real-time software solution that uses ultra-high resolution sensors, combined with advanced algorithms, to automatically detect all object types, over a wide field of view while providing alerts in real time to operators. “For the first time, Kestrel Maritime ViDAR delivers an automated WAMI capability to Maritime search” said Simon Olsen, Director of Business Development, Strategy and Partnerships at Sentient, he added “for WAMI to be effective, automation and detection capabilities are mandatory. Kestrel Maritime ViDAR is the first solution to solve these problems in a maritime context, resulting in maritime search and detection which is 20 to 80 times greater, on a scale of coverage, than existing airborne EO/IR sensors” explains Olsen. “The ability to detect small objects within EO/IR imagery is a game changer for both manned and unmanned Maritime Surveillance and Patrol aircraft”.

Extend coverage and Detection

Ever increasing maritime threats and risks are placing significant strain on military and government agencies who are struggling to find cost effective maritime patrol solutions for wide expanses of ocean. Sentient has applied its industry-leading expertise, as a pioneer in automated detection capabilities to significantly enhance maritime detection coverage and performance to increase operator effectiveness for maritime patrol applications. “The reality is, maritime patrol requires a cost effective asset that delivers wide area coverage and an ability to detect and disseminate information about objects such as rubber rafts, small wooden vessels and potentially submarine periscopes, day and night. That is what Kestrel Maritime ViDAR delivers.” said Olsen.

Sentient will be demonstrating their Kestrel solutions including ViDAR at IDEX February 22 to 26, 2015 in Abu Dhabi, US Pavilion, Hall 3, Booth #C3-007.

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